- Built-in hot water time control
- Remote room temperature sensor
- Water only operation for summer
- Frost protection setting
- Easy to use overrides
- Up to 6 time and temperature changes each day
- 5/2 day or 24 hour operation

The TP9 programmable room thermostat includes an extra timed circuit for controlling the domestic hot water on/off times.

It is similar to a heating and hot water programmer except it also controls the temperature of the room in which its remote sensor is fitted.

The comfort temperature may be adjusted up to 6 times a day, and varied at the weekend if so set, and the water heating switched on up to twice each day.

The control temperature range may be set on installation to either 5-30°C or 16-30°C, the latter being suitable for use in elderly persons accomodation.

Supplied as a 24 hour control, the TP9 may be easily changed to provide 5/2 day control.


Technical data


DRL0019 TP9 11-07.pdf (0.0 Mb), Literature number: VCRMG202, Language: English, Release date: 09/11 2007
TP9 24Volt Declaration of Conformity
TP9_24V.pdf (0.0 Mb), Literature number: VCRMA112, Language: UK English, Release date: 25/09 2006

Data sheet
ErP Classifications
VDHSF102.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDHSF102, Language: English, Release date: 30/07 2015
TP9 Datasheet
318.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VDRMA102, Language: English, Release date: 01/08 2006

Sales Leaflet
Electronic Room Controls - End User leaflet
VBBYD202_Sep2014_LR.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VBBYD202, Language: English, Release date: 20/09 2014

User Guide
TP9 User Guide
6578_2.pdf (1.7 Mb), Literature number: VUHSD112, Language: UK English, Release date: 09/02 2012

Wiring Diagrams
TP9 Wiring Diagram
TP9.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VWRMC102, Language: English, Release date: 01/03 2007