Time Controls

FP715 Si

- Service interval function
- 7 day, 5/2 day or 24 hour programming
- Permanent back lit display
- AM/PM or 24 hour display
- Built-in programmes
- Automatic BST/GMT time change
- Convenient user overrides
- Holiday function
- Industry standard wallplate
- Factory set clock

The FP715 Si two-channel full programmer has separate Heating and Hot Water outputs operating on completely independent time bases for maximum flexibility.

The FP715 Si can be configured by the installer at time of installation to provide 7 day, 24 hour, or 5 day/2 day operation and to provide either 2 ON/OFF's or 3 ON/OFF's per day, allowing the time control to be tailored to match the specific requirement of the consumer.

Additionally the programmer can be set for either 'pumped' or 'gravity' hot water.

The wallplate used follows the industry standard pattern, as used by many of the other time control manufacturers. This allows for direct replacement often without the need for re-wiring.

An additional range of accessories allow the FP715 Si to be used in other upgrade situations where the unit being replaced is larger than the new unit and a decoration scar would normally have been left.

Additional features such as service interval timer, convenient user overrides, built-in ready-to-use programmes, a day programme copy facility as well as a stylish, compact design and easy to read display make the FP715 Si the simple answer to all heating and hot water requirements.

FP715 Si

Technical data

Code No.TypeDescriptionDimensions

FP715 Si

087N7898 FP715 SiTwo channel programmer, with independent timebase137 wide x 93 high x 29 deep


FP715 Si, CP715 Si and TS715 Si
DRL0061 CP FP TS 715 SI 11-07.pdf (0.0 Mb), Literature number: VCAFE212, Language: UK English, Release date: 09/11 2007
FP715 Si, TS715 Si and CP715 Si
DRL0061B FP CP TS 715Si 24V.pdf (0.0 Mb), Literature number: VCBRA112, Language: UK English, Release date: 20/05 2008

Data sheet
FP715Si, CP715 Si and TS715 Si
732v03.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VDBRB312, Language: UK English, Release date: 02/01 2013

FP715Si Installation Guide
38161v01s7-06.pdf (1.0 Mb), Literature number: VIBRY112, Language: UK English, Release date: 08/02 2011

Sales Leaflet
MK18 Sales Leaflet
334v10.pdf (1.1 Mb), Literature number: VBAFB512, Language: UK English, Release date: 03/06 2015

User Guide
FP715Si Easy User Guide
382v01.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VUGVI112, Language: UK English, Release date: 08/11 2011
FP715Si Quick Guide
FP715 Si_Master.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VUHVE112, Language: UK English, Release date: 26/03 2013
FP715Si User Guide
38158v01s7-06.pdf (1.2 Mb), Literature number: VUBRW112, Language: UK English, Release date: 08/02 2011

Wiring Diagrams
FP715 Si and CP715 Si Wiring
FP715 Si and CP715 Si.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VWAFD112, Language: UK English, Release date: 14/11 2006
MK18 Compatibility Guide
196v14.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VWGVA412, Language: UK English, Release date: 09/04 2015