Radiator Thermostats

Lockshield Valve, RLV

- Robust construction
- Body finish matches all Danfoss radiator thermostat valve bodies
- Available in 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4” BSP sizes, and 15mm compression
- Available in straight or vertical angle patterns
- Unique drain-cock accessory available for use with RLV model

RLV lockshield valves combine the functions of isolation and regulation into a single valve body. Selected models are available with an integrated drain-cock connection that can be used together with a drain-cock accessory, which is purchased separately.

Adjustment of the lockshield valve is by means of a 6mm Allen key.
The drain-cock adaptor also provides a convenient way of re-filling a radiator or radiator circuit by means of a filling hose.

Lockshield Valve, RLV

Technical data

Code No.TypeDesignConnection


003L0141 RLV 10AngleR 3/8Rp 3/8
003L0142 RLV 10StraightR 3/8Rp 3/8
003L0143 RLV 15AngleR 1/2Rp 1/2
003L014315 RLV 15Angle15mmRp 1/2
003L0144 RLV 15StraightR 1/2Rp 1/2
003L014415 RLV 15Straight15mmRp 1/2
003L0145 RLV 20AngleR 3/4Rp 3/4
003L0146 RLV 20StraightR 3/4Rp 3/4


7 Documents Found: 1 catalogue, 3 data sheet and 3 instructions

RA2000 Range Comm TRVs - Brochure
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Data sheet
Lockshield valve RLV
VDQBH302_RLV_teamcen.pdf (0.8 Mb), Literature number: VDQBH302, Language: English, Release date: 18/04 2011
Lockshield valves RLV with self seal tailpiece
VDQDT202_RLV_selfseal_teamcent.pdf (0.8 Mb), Literature number: VDQDT202, Language: English, Release date: 19/04 2011
RLV lockshield valve with pressfit connection
VDQDC502_RLV_pressfit_teamcen.pdf (11.1 Mb), Literature number: VDQDC502, Language: English, Release date: 18/04 2011

Instructions for drain and filling tap for RLV
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Instructions for RLV
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RLV self seal lockshield valves
VIQDB102_013R9492_RLV.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VIQDB102, Language: English, Release date: 19/03 2009


003L0152 Draintap to RLV, RLV-K and RLV-KD for draining or filling water in the radiator.