Danfoss Room Thermostat Innovation

Danfoss Room Thermostat Innovation

An innovative thermostat from Danfoss Randall sets exciting new standards in room temperature control while offering outstanding aesthetics and ultimate ease of operation. The flush-mounting FMT230D electronic room thermostat, known in-house as the FlatStat, launches an unprecedented era of energy-saving in room temperature control.

The FlatStat is designed for mounting in standard one-gang, flush-mounted electrical accessory boxes. When fitted, most of the thermostat body is recessed neatly within the accessory box, blending almost imperceptibly with virtually any home décor and protruding only 16mm into the room. This feature alone, set against most of today’s visually obtrusive ‘block-on-the-wall’ thermostats, has obvious user appeal.

The unit’s user attraction does not stop there. A large central setting dial, an easy-to-read LCD display and two LEDs indicators for output and power status make the FlatStat thermostat stylish and superlatively easy to use.

Operationally, the FlatStat is way ahead of the market. As standard, it employs fast reacting chrono-proportional control, a time-based method proven to achieve considerable energy savings compared with conventional temperature-based On/Off thermostats. Chrono-proportional control also helps to ensure optimum performance from condensing boilers by allowing them to operate in condensing mode far longer. If required, traditional On/Off control mode can still be selected by means of a DIL switch.

Furthermore, another DIL switch enables easy selection of heating or cooling (for air conditioning, fan coils, etc.), making it suitable for a very wide range of applications.

The FlatStat is powered by a 230Vac, 50/60Hz supply. Its temperature setting range is 5° -30°C and its single SPDT output relay contacts are rated 10-264 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3(1)A. Dimensions are 85 wide x 85 high x 35 deep and the unit has a maximum ambient temperature rating of 45°C. Easy range locking and limiting facilities are incorporated.

The Danfoss FlatStat room thermostat is a design breakthrough with the ability to increase energy savings, improve home décor and provide ultimate user simplicity.