Danfoss takes floor heating control to the next level

Icon_News_738x415 Controlling underfloor heating systems for optimum comfort and energy efficiency just got easier with the new ICON range of room thermostats from Danfoss. Specially designed for water underfloor heating systems, ICON is exceptionally easy to install and use - just set the desired temperature and the thermostat will control the room temperature accordingly.

- 20 June 2017 By Danfoss News

The new ICON range is available in Dial, Display and Programmable versions – each with its own individual features ranging from standard to advanced functionality. All models can be selected for in-wall or on-wall installation using the Danfoss wall frame – a smart, UV-resistant frame that is purpose-designed to match light switches and sockets. Combining both effective heating control and visual appeal, the ICON display turns off when not in use so the unit blends seamlessly into the wall. When the screen is touched, the display comes to life instantly and displays the current room temperature. 

Featuring icon-based navigation and touchscreen control, the Danfoss ICON programmable room thermostat has seven pre-defined schedules which can be selected at the touch of an icon. The chosen schedule can be overridden at any time by simply pressing the ‘Away’, ‘At Home’ or ‘Asleep’ icons. Pressing any of these icons again allows users to change the temperature for that specific mode. This intelligent heating control also includes adaptive learning based on previous data. This energy saving feature will turn the heating on at the precise time to achieve the desired temperature at the scheduled time. 

Like its programmable counterpart, the ICON Display room thermostat has a user-friendly interface with recognisable icons and touchscreen control. Users can set the desired temperature using on-screen arrows and see the current temperature on the unit’s digital display. The Dial version provides a popular ‘set-and-forget’ control solution for the many users who simply want to set the desired temperature.  

As well as the benefits for users, Danfoss believes that installers will also appreciate ICON’s fast and simple installation, including snap-on assembly. “We’ve designed this new range of room thermostats for floor heating systems to save time at all stages of installation and use,” explains Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, Danfoss Marketing Director. “On the Display and Programmable models, settings such as heat emitter and actuator types, where applicable, and temperature range limitation are all performed via the display, making adjustments and troubleshooting really easy.”  


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