Stop water hammer in seconds with bi-directional TRVs from Danfoss

BiDi_News_735x415 Danfoss has developed an instant solution to the common problem of system noise or 'water hammer' caused by chattering thermostatic radiator valves with the industry's first, and only, 'flow selectable' bi-directional TRV for domestic heating installations.

- 19 March 2012 By Danfoss News

Traditional 'cone and seat' type valves need to be fitted on the flow rather than the return side of the radiator to prevent hammer when a partially open valve is forced to slam shut by water flowing the wrong way through the valve - resulting in a costly call back for the heating engineer. Danfoss' flow selectable bi-directional TRV can be installed horizontally or vertically, in flow or return. If any noise occurs after fitting it can be stopped by simply 'revolving' the patented flow direction selector on the valve head from the factory-set position to the alternative setting. This quick and easy adjustment changes the direction of the water flow around the cone, ensuring hammer-free flow in the appropriate direction without a time-consuming drain down, use of special tools, or loss of profit or business reputation.

Danfoss' TRVs provide an innovative solution to the age-old problem of water hammer for domestic heating installers and their customers, says the company's Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. He explains: 'Hammering is rather like trying to hold a bath plug fractionally open as bath water flows out - the flow slams the plug closed again and again. If water flows the wrong way through a partially open TRV it will slam shut in the same way. With this new solution simply fit the flow-selectable bi-directional TRV and listen; if water hammers 'revolve' the barrel to reverse the flow direction and the problem is solved. Simple!'

Danfoss' flow-selectable bi-directional TRV is a real-time saver, particularly in large domestic heating installations, where resolving problems with TRVs that have been installed the wrong way round could be a time-consuming task. Bjorn Nielsen says: 'This TRV may carry a small premium but soon pays for itself in savings on call backs, contract delays and downtime.'

Featuring a new generation bi-directional valve body, this TRV is designed by Danfoss to deliver improved performance in whatever direction it is fitted. It utilises high performance liquid actuators and is CEN approved for maximum customer confidence and reliability in use. The flow-selectable bi-directional TRV is available from all leading stockists of Danfoss domestic heating controls and can be supplied in convenient TRV combi or in Radiator Packs, complete with matching lockshield.



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