Danfoss strikes the right balance for social housing tenants


The installation of Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves is providing heating comfort and energy savings for tenants living in five social housing tower blocks in south east London. Danfoss’ simple and cost-effective solution optimises heating system performance by ensuring that risers are perfectly balanced under all system conditions (partial and full load) and outside temperatures. The result is even heat distribution throughout all apartments, with no overflows and wasted energy, which means lower heating costs for tenants. 

- 30 March 2017 By Danfoss News

System misbalances and associated temperature control are among the major sources of tenant dissatisfaction. It can often be an issue in older, high-rise buildings which have a single boiler or district heating connection providing heated water to manually controlled radiators via a vertical or horizontal riser. Because water always takes the easiest route to its destination, risers closest to the heat source transport more heated water than those further away. This can mean big differences in heating time between apartments. Depending where they live in the building, tenants may experience under or over heating. As a result they can be constantly adjusting their manual radiator valves to keep warm or opening windows if they are too hot, which wastes huge amounts of costly energy.


Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves offered a solution to this problem with minimum inconvenience to tenants during installation. ASV consists of two components: a differential pressure controller, which maintains constant differential pressure across the riser, and its partner valve mounted in the supply line. Installed on each floor, ASV valves, together with Danfoss By-pass valves to the top of the riser, provided the basis for achieving proper hydronic balance throughout the system. And once the risers had been balanced, fitting Danfoss thermostatic radiator valves with a pre-set function ensured that each radiator got the right amount of heated water to maintain the desired room temperature.



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