Save time on site with new Hero Plant

HeroPlant_News_738x415 Following the launch of its Hero fan-coil unit assembly in 2016, Danfoss has developed Hero Plant _ a pre-fabricated flushing bypass arrangement for larger plant devices such as air handling units, heat exchangers and heater batteries. The new Hero Plant combines isolation, drain strain and a flushing bypass assembly with Danfoss’ AB-QM pressure independent control; creating a ready-to install solution that saves time on site and eliminates the need for ‘hot works’ permits and the associated site safety concerns.

- 28 February 2017 By Danfoss News

Available in DN15-150, Danfoss Hero Plant is factory-built under strict quality control conditions and supplied pressure tested to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) standard. Just like the Hero fan-coil assembly, the Danfoss AB-QM type pressure independent control valve (PICV) sits at the heart of the new Hero Plant, providing balance at full or partial loads.  Hero Plant can be fitted with a variety of Danfoss actuators to enable connection to a building management system of other controller. The combined AB-QM and actuator automatically control the flow to optimise heating and cooling comfort, and energy savings, for building owners and occupants.

Among the key design features of Danfoss’ new Hero Plant are flow and return mounted drains for flushing and quick drain-downs. It also includes a strainer to prevent plant performance deterioration by removing particles from the system, like welding beads, swarf and sand, which could damage sensitive components. As a further aid to installation, components within the Hero Plant assembly are installed to enable rotation should they clash with other pipework, for example. 

According to Danfoss, Hero Plant is a unique concept that will make life much easier for M&E contractors and HVAC design consultants. Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, Danfoss Marketing Director, comments: "In developing the pre-fabricated Hero Plant assembly we can now offer the cost and time savings of our Hero flushing bypass manifold to larger HVAC devices. Once installed, Hero Plant creates optimal hydronic balance, simplifies system flushing and also allows measurement of water flow to detect problems such as blockages in the system."



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