Ultrasonic technology

  • A true long-term win/win

    SonoSelect™ combines years of expertise with leading ultrasonic technology to provide a new level of consistent metering precision over a long working lifetime.

    Flow measurement remains extremely stable, even at low flow rates and with low-quality water. Ultrasonic technology also ensures a long lifetime with continuous reliable performance and little to no maintenance.


  • Advantages of ultrasonic technology

    · High dynamic range
    · Stable for low-quality water
    · Low pressure losses
    · Can detect even low minimum flow rates
    · Continued high measurement accuracy ensure long operational life
    · Low energy consumption – increasing battery lifetime
    · Low cost of maintenance and ownership
    · Several re-verifications possible throughout lifetime 


    Stronger transducer design

    The transducers enable an ultrasonic flow meter to alternately transmit and receive an ultrasonic signal.

    Key features of Danfoss transducers:

    · New and innovative transducer design
    · Vacuum resistant for increased reliability
    · Strong and stable transducer signal
    · Completely new and fully automated transducer manufacturing process


    High-frequency measurement

    Increased measurement frequency ensures better and more reliable data

    · Flow and energy measured every 0.5 seconds (class leading)
    · Temperature measured every 4 seconds (class leading)
    · Makes it possible to measure domestic hot water consumption


    Benefits for everyone

    Ultrasonic technology gives value in all project stages from system designer to end user.

  • How it works

    Ultrasonic signals make it possible to measure velocity of water and then calculate volume flow with the highest accuracy and most precise measurement in heat metering. When water flows through the pipe, an ultrasonic signal is simultaneously sent and received. The time difference between the signals is measured and used to calculate flow velocity. Flow volume can then be precisely calculated based on the internal diameter of the pipe.

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