Product features

  • A lifetime of performance

    SonoSelect™ has been developed to deliver consistent and credible data through its entire lifetime. To ensure this, everything from energy efficiency and battery forecasting to user management and upgradeability has been meticulously designed and engineered.

  • Alarms and error handling

    In the event of unauthorized access, an instant alarm is triggered on the meter display and the administrator page.

    Faulty or damaged meters can be rapidly detected and any attempted manipulation immediately dealt with. This prevents potential payment disputes between tenant and energy supplier while reassuring tenants that they have been accurately charged for energy they have actually used.

    Automatic meter reading

    Data transfer for billing can be performed via AMR (automatic meter reading) with no need for an onsite visit. SonoSelect™ can be upgraded with a communication module at any time, giving you the flexibility to specify the meter before or after the heating system has been installed.

    Future upgrade: for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness, SonoSelect™ can be easily upgraded after installation.

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