Genuine diagnostics

  • The knowledge to act

    SonoSelect™ offers state-of-the-art ‘diagnostic’ features via the SonoApp – so far only known from process industry meters. Many systems claim to have “diagnostics” when this often means little more than displaying an error code. In contrast, SonoSelect™ features genuine diagnostics with accurate traceability for fast error identification and correction. If the unit needs servicing, it is easy to identify root causes using pinpoint error identification instead of guesswork.

  • Confirm the correct installation in a single step

    Function test run from the App confirms that there are no alarms and ensures that meter values are within acceptable limits.
    • Saves costs by eliminating second-guessing and ensures correct installation - even for inexperienced installers
    • Reduces installation costs thanks to fewer faulty installations and call-backs

    Advanced diagnostics for cost-efficient service and maintenance

    Diagnostics runs from the app automatically generate detailed information on vital heat meter and application parameters: e.g. battery life prognosis, potential for re-verification instead of replacement, EMC or air bubble problems.

    • Less time spent on trial-and-error troubleshooting, even for inexperienced installers
    • Eliminates the cost of unnecessary or untimely heat meter replacement
    • Reduces costs related to customer complaints and dissatisfied customers

  • Diagnostic Signal and EMC


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