Designed to perform

  • Designed to perform

    Installation simplicity

    SonoSelect™ has been developed to make life as easy as possible for installers. From the robust enclosure and simple display to the intuitive and smart functions of SonoApp, SonoSelect™ has been thoughtfully designed to save time, reduce product costs and minimize reinstallations.

    Protected casing

    · PCB board in heat meter is sealed with a plate that prevents direct access to the board 
    · Prevents accidental damage to the PCB when opening the meter 
    · Saves time, product costs and minimizes re-installations 
    · Quick visual identification of potential tampering

    Water and dust protected

    · Rubber sealed 2-part enclosure 
    · Impervious to moisture 
    · IP65 class

    Unaffected by pipe bends

    · No in-/outlet restrictions 
    · Mountable on both supply and return pipe

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