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    Bus Communication Device

    With the NovoCon®S it is now possible to connect hydronics to Building Automation. All setting and control is possible via Fieldbus and requires only minimal data points.

    Flow Indicator

    NovoCon®S functions as a flow indicator thanks to the high position accuracy of the actuator and the pressure independent and linear characteristics of the AB-QM valve.

    Digital Actuator

    NovoCon®S is a highly accurate multi-functional actuator designed for use with AB-QM in sizes from DN 10-32. It delivers best-in-class hydronic performance in, e.g. fan coil units, chilled beams and radiant panels.

    Data Logger

    The NovoCon®S facilitates collection and storage of data that can be used to benchmark building performance over time, and to identify best practice in energy consumption behaviour.

    • Configuration via Fieldbus
    • BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU*
    • 0-10V flow control with Hybrid version
    • Flow indication
    • Multiple alarms
    • Auto MAC addressing
    • Auto baud rate detection
    • Linear, log and alpha setting
    • Pre-fabricated plug-in halogen free cables
    • Protection class IP54
    • Power Supply 24V AC or DC

    Fewer wires, less cables, no hassle

    NovoCon®S uses Fieldbus cables with pre-fabricated plugs for daisy chain connection. You do not need multiple wires from the controller to each actuator, which will save money as each connected cable adds cost to the project.

    Pre-fabricated plugs and daisy-chain connection result in:

    • Faster and simpler installation
    • Reduced mis-wiring risk
    • Smaller cable trays required
    • Reduced fire risk

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