Electric floor heating mats

  • Heating Mats

    The heating cable mat can be applied directly to the surface of any old flooring and is installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives and therefore adds no significant height to the floor level.

  • Installation of room heating mats

  • Your advantages

    Easy installation

    Heating mats are a solution which can easily be installed whether it is on new or old sub-floors. 

    The installation time will be the same, regardless of the type of flooring under which the system is installed. 

    For any room in your home

    Electric floor heating can be used in all types of rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.

    Nowadays, thanks to our modern Danfoss thermostats, floor heating is used as a reliable and energy efficient solution of choice for all types of buildings, including low-energy houses.

    You can easily install electrical floor heating in newly-built houses as well as existing ones during renovation. Danfoss floor heating is often installed in residential apartment blocks, renovated buildings and public buildings.

    For any type of flooring

    Floor heating can be installed under various types of flooring. 

    Danfoss electrical heating solutions do not take up any space, which gives you the opportunity to design the space in each room as you please.

    A fault does not mean that you have to rip up the whole floor

    Danfoss heating cables have a long life and come with a 20 year warranty. But in case of any misfortune there is no need to rip up the whole floor.

    The problem can be pinpointed to within a few centimetres of accuracy, so that only one or two tiles may have to be removed to make a repair possible. Nevertheless what needs to be done, in the case of a rare fault, the Danfoss 20 year warranty covers full floor repair.

    Electric heating - the choice for low-energy houses

    Nowadays electric heating is the solution of choice for low-energy houses. Regarding the fact that the EU expects that 65% of electricity production will come from solar cells, wind and nuclear energy in 2020, electrical heating is clearly the preferable choice.

    Improving the energy performance of buildings is a particularly critical step in reducing the EU’s carbon footprint. The electrical house is cost competitive since it needs no other energy sources apart from electricity and fresh water.

    Less dust in the air

    Warm radiators move a lot of heated air upwards from the grilles – and the dust travels with it. 

    Due to the large heating surface of floor heating, less dust is kicked up. 

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